people's healing fund

Redistribution. Access. Solidarity.


Things are changing.

We are in rapidly changing times. COVID-19 and the response to it has meant many of us as working-class BIPOC healing practitioners are either out of work or are being called to work beyond our capacity to serve our communities.

The People’s Healing Fund was designed with these times in mind - we face an increasingly economically polarized world and disruptions to our lives are part of our new normal. In these times we need economic redistribution and mutual aid more than ever to support the cash-poor and working class BIPOC healing practitioners in our communities who are ensuring we all get through.

This idea resonated with so many of you that we beat our initial $10 000 goal within days and we decided to aim even higher - raising $18328 in less than 2 months!

In light of the current reality, we have decided to dedicate our initial goal of $10 000 to the original People’s Healing Fund, and use the REMAINDER for an Emergency Fund.

Who can apply

This Emergency Fund is for BIPOC healing practitioners living in and around Tkaronto who have been financially impacted by the response to COVID-19. The fund is open to people regardless of immigration status. Healing comes in many forms and includes body workers, sex workers, and more. We are particularly interested in supporting BIPOC healing practitioners living with disabilities, whose living expenses may have increased as well. The application process is designed to be quick and simple, and will close after 50 applicants each cycle.

*Note: People’s Healing Fund Collective Members who fit these parameters may also apply for funds following the same process as external applicants.

We will be redistributing funds to up to 50 qualifying applicants in Cycle 3. Please note that due to the volume of applications, not all applicants will receive money. Qualifying applicants will receive $100 each in the week after applying. Folks who received money in previous cycles are able to apply for Cycle 3, but may not apply more than once in a given cycle.

Cycle 3 is now closed.

Applications are closed.

We need your help!

We gave out $9100 in our first 2 Cycles of the Emergency Fund!! Help us raise at least $800 so we can give out another $5000 in Cycle 3.

This money will go directly into the hands of working class BIPOC healing practitioners whose work has been impacted by Covid-19. Many of us are out of work with bills to pay, or doing more free/low-cost work than is possible for us. This money is for a quick infusion of cash. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the fund! Donate now.


The 1st cycle of the original People’s Healing Fund is continuing as planned. Applications have closed. Money from the original Fund will be redistributed sometime in May, as originally planned. If you have any questions, please reach out to