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a health / healing practitioner; this could mean bodywork, traditional Chinese Medicine, massage, Ayurveda, psychotherapy, tarot, spiritual counseling, personal support work, naturopathy, herbalism, midwifery, indigenous medicines, somatic therapy, or any field devoted to the wellness of our physical/emotional/spiritual beings


based in or around Tkaronto (Toronto)


striving towards a practice rooted in justice:

  • acknowledging that individual well-being is intrinsically linked to the thriving of all life, including human and non-human, land, air, and water;

  • striving to center experiences that are marginalized by the medical industrial complex and by the structures of racism, anti-Blackness, colonialism, transphobia, homophobia, patriarchy, fat-phobia, disableism, neoliberalism, capitalism, criminalization of poverty, and the many variants of life-destroying and oppressive systems;

  • pro sex-worker, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-Black, pro-harm reduction

  • committed to ongoing political education and accountability to marginalized communities

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Practitioners choose to self-identify when joining the network directory. Please do your research, ask questions, and ask around when choosing to work with a practitioner. We cannot vouch for practitioners listed.